With this information we want to give warning to any serious dealer in the HID industry before you consider to make business with Brightstar.
Main subject and warning:
Brightstar Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) will not take responsibility for their own products. Brightstar release defective products on market and then force their customers to bear all costs that their products cause for the end users.
Brightstar D1S 4200K E-mark and D1S 6500K will kill OEM ballast (Valeo, Mitsubishi).
We did start business with Brightstar HID bulbs in November 2010. We participated in their "E-mark programme" (USD2000) for HID bulbs that granted our brand name "Xenonkungen" with sole rights on our market regarding their HID bulbs. 2011 we did purchase 3400pcs D2R bulbs from Brightstar. When they released their new D1S bulb with E-mark we were happy to start selling them and placed a trial order of 600pcs in November 2011.
About us:
We import and distribute Auto lighting products on the Swedish and Scandinavian market. We did start with aftermarket HID in year 2002 and have ever since then been the major player in this field on our market. We have 800 local retail customers and the company was awarded as Super company of the Year 2011 and 2012 by the business magazine Veckans Affarer. Turnover 2012 was SEK26M/USD4M.
The Brightstar Issue:
I was aware of that some D1S bulbs could kill some OEM ballast on the market, because it did happen twice for me before. First time a Korean manufacturer in 2006 (who refunded all costs) and second time a China manufacturer in 2010 (also refunded costs). So, even though Brightstar now had a D1S with E-mark I tried to make sure this problem was not at hand, the answer was "donīt worry".

We had some bulbs on back order so about 50-60pcs was shipped out the first days after delivery from Brightstar Taiwan. After about a week or two the first accidents happened and after the second or third issue we stop selling the bulbs, because I realized what was going on with the bulbs. We sent emails to all customers and retailers who had purchase these bulbs to give warning. In some cases our warning came in the last minute, in some it was too late and regarding retailers many bulbs already was sold to unknown customers.

Brightstar have the idea that this issue is all our own responsibility, as their customer. They, as manufacturer, have no responsibility what their own products cause on the market. When I did understand their policy I made this document to give warning to any serious businessman in the HID branch.

If you make or have contact with Brightstar today, then you might hear from them that this problem is no more? I do not know and maybe it be so, but, their business policy will still be the same bullshit! If and when something will go wrong, and it will as it do in all human projects, they will not carry their part and responsability. The difference between a serious businessman and a wannabe is how problem is taken care of, because we all face problem now and then. Be honest, donīt become a cheap wannabe and you will make success, as I have done.

  Johannes Hannus, GM/CEO Hannus & Co Teknik AB


Here is the email correspondance concerning this issue with Brightstar:
2012-01-13 2012-01-16 2012-01-27 2012-02-04 2012-02-06 2012-02-20 2012-02-21  


Below are the workshop and sparepart costs that we have refunded to customers and which Brightstar deny to compensate:

1. BMW USD1276 Page 2 2. BMW USD454 3. Citroen USD815 4. Saab 9-5 USD620 5. Saab 9-5 USD266
6. Saab 9-5 USD333 7. Saab 9-5 USD1424 8. Saab 9-5 USD899 9. Skoda Octavia USD458 10. Volvo USD1450 Page 2
11. VW USD1435 12. Chrysler C300 3800USD 13. Citroen USD103 14. Saab 9-5 USD1122 15. Saab 9-5 USD2683 p2
Hence Brightstar have debt to us of USD17138. Besides this amount we have replaced some customers with Philips D1S bulbs as well as OEM ballast from our own stock, when available. We estimate this value to some USD1000-2000.

Finally we have the stock of dangerous and not sellable Brightstar D1S bulbs, both the E-mark 4200K and 6500K that Brightstar still owe to refund or replace (USD10625).





As a personal greeting from Brightstar... this is their D1S 6500K bulb that broke down after some 6-7000 km on my own BMW 530d F10.